Personalised Bottles..

Water Bottles
Personalised Water Bottle

Are you running out of ideas to thank your staff?

Do you want to give your caring staff something special?

Hot weather, cool drinks in 500ml thermal bottles?

Did you know they only cost £10.99 each including delivery with no minimum order!!


Can we personalise the name and images?
A: Yes, happy to replace the image with yours, and change text, along with your names.

Do I have to buy 100s of Bottles?
A: No, we have no minimum quantity on the bottles, £10.99 each including delivery for 1-5 bottles. Above 5 bottles is £7.99 each plus one off delivery charge of £7 for your order.

How long do they take to receive?
A: We print the bottles inhouse, in Berkshire and use an overnight courier.
Turnaround is usually 3-4 days.

Are the bottles dishwasher safe?
A: They are, but hand washing is recommended to ensure long term print quality.

YES, Only £10.99 a 500ml printed bottle!!

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